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Washing Machine Drain Overflow

If you've recently noticed that your washing machine leaks when you run it, the root of your problem may be a drain overflow.

Why Does Your Washing Machine Drain Overflow?

There are several common causes of washing machine drain overflows. The first is when a tub style washing machine is put in an older home. Because these type of machines use more water than older home's plumbing are equipped to handle, it can lead to overflow issues. An even more common problem is when a drain becomes clogged. Whether it's lint or other debris, a clog will prevent water from exiting properly and lead to it overflowing from the drain. When a washing machine repeatedly leaks, it can:

While wall damage can commonly be fixed with a patch, it can cost thousands of dollars to fully eliminate a mold problem. Because leaking is obviously more than a simple inconvenience, it's important for you to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

How Can You Get Rid of a Clog in Your Drain?

The first step to solving your overflow problem is getting rid of any clog that might be present in your drain. While you can call a plumber to take care of this issue for you, it's actually cheaper to do it on your own. The only tool you'll need is a handheld auger. You can easily order a quality one from Amazon for less than $25. Once you get your auger, you will be able to push it through the drain and break through any clogs that have developed.

While there's a good chance that this will solve your overflow problem, many homeowners discover that their leaking resumes within a few months. The reason this happens is because lint and other debris continues to build up from the washing machine being run. If you discover that your overflow problem returns, you can install a mesh lint catcher. This inexpensive attachment goes on the end of your washing machine's hose. Once it's attached, it will catch any lint before it has a chance to clog the drain. Although this will reduce the amount of buildup in your drain, you may still have to use your auger from time to time to get rid of other debris.

What Can a Utility Sink Do for Your Overflow Problem?

Some homeowners find that because of the amount of water their washing machine uses, they still have a problem with overflows even when their drain isn't clogged. If you've discovered this is what you're dealing with, you can still avoid leaking from overflows by adding a utility sink next to your washing machine. Once you install a utility sink and put the drainage hose into it, excess water will have a place to accumulate and then exit without spilling around your utility room.

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