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Washing Machine Drainage Pan

If you're having issues with your current washing machine drainage pans, you may want to upgrade to higher quality pans like Driptite.

What Do Washing Machine Drainage Pans Do?

This type of pan goes directly under your washing machine. It will protect your utility room floor in the event that your washing machine overflows. Because there are quite a few issues that can cause water to spill from your washing machine, it's important to have this protection in place. While washing machine drainage pans can save you from costly floor problems, many homeowners are unhappy with the performance of their current pans. For example, if your pans are cracked, they're not going to protect your utility room floor.

Are Higher Quality Drainage Pans Worth Their Price?

While higher quality pans do cost two to three times as much as basic options, they have quite a few features that justify their price tag. The first is they are very durable. In fact, higher quality drainage pans like Driptite are four times thicker than basic pans. Because these pans are made from a special blend, they won't rust or bend like standard metal pans. If someone accidentally steps on one of these pans, you won't have to worry about it breaking. And because they have rounded corners, there's no chance of a child hurting themselves with one.

With basic pans, if you have machines that feature pedestal drawers, chances are you're out of luck. But higher quality pans will have no problem fitting under this type of washing machine. Since this type of pan has a textured surface, it will keep your washing machine in place and prevent it from making loud noises. In addition to keeping your floors safe in the event of an overflow, this type of pan will also protect your utility room floors from getting scuffed. And because drainage pan makers like Driptite are so confident in their product, they back it with a ten year warranty.

How to Install a New Washing Machine Drainage Pan

If you order a new drainage pan and need to install it, the other items you'll use during this process are a:

Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of the pan. The hole you drill should line up with the drain hole that's already in your utility room's floor. Because pans from companies like Driptite are translucent, you'll have no problem seeing through to the floor to properly line up where you need to drill. Once the hole is drilled, you can put the drain fitting through the hole. You will want this to be from the pan's backside.

On the top of the pan, you can place a washer over the fitting. You can then use a locknut to secure the washer in place. The second to last step is to position the pan and then connect its fitting to the drain pipe. Once this is done, you will be ready to place the washing machine over it.

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