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Washing Machine Drain

If you're experiencing a problem with your washing machine, there's a good chance that it's related to the drain. This type of issue can also cause leaks or problems with your washing machine's spin cycle.

What to Do If Your Washing Machine Leaks

There are two types of leaks that are most common with washing machines. The first type of leak is one that happens all the time. The causes of these leaks can be:

The other type of leak is one that only occurs when the washing machine is in a spin or drain cycle. If this is the type of leak you're experiencing, it's most likely caused by a problem with the drain hose. If you discover it's not the hose, then the root of your problem is probably a damaged outer tub.

What to Do If Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

There are several issues that can cause a washing machine not to drain. The first is if the water returns after the machine pumps it. If this is occurring in your washing machine, it's most likely happening because of a slow drain in your laundry tub. When the tub doesn't drain quickly enough, it results in water being siphoned back into the washer. This issue can be caused if there is a clog in the drain. If you don't discover a clog, the root of the problem is either a drain hose that's more than four inches into the tub or a drain hose that's positioned lower than the washing machine's cabinet.

The next scenario where a washing machine may not drain is if it fails to pump or spin. If this happens, you'll want to confirm that the motor still runs. If it does, the cause is likely a pump pulley that's frozen. This problem can be fixed by replacing the machine's pump. The other type of drain issue can occur when a machine will spin but not pump. This problem is usually the result of a clog in the drain line. It's not uncommon for a sock or other piece of small clothing to get stuck. You should be able to fix this problem by finding the clog in the drain hose or tub port.

What If Clothes are Damp When You Pull Them Out of Your Washing Machine?

Although clothes aren't supposed to be 100% dry when you pull them out of your washing machine, they shouldn't be dripping wet with water. If they are, the first cause may be an issue with your spin cycle. This commonly happens for one of the same reasons why a machine won't drain. If a small piece of clothing gets stuck in the machine's drain line or between the tubs, it can be the cause of this dampness problem. A broken coupler can also be the root of this issue. The other possibility is if your machine is siphoning water. If this is the case, you'll need to either fix a clog, reduce how far the drain hose is in the tub or change the position of the hose in relation to the machine's cabinet.

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